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Win a one on one session with medium Laura Laforce



Blessed with a special gift since early childhood, Laura Laforce has had accurate vivid premonitions of birth and death, although this was discouraged in a religious household. With many years of growth and fine tuning, she is helping others.

Being able to channel the higher powers allows her to provide guidance with a variety of life's issues, whether it is love, curiosity, closure, fertility, crime, health, unresolved fears, direction, social issues, or ghosts.

She has the privilege of being able to see and sense angels and spirit guides. Quite often souls of the deceased come to visit during readings with messages. She teaches others how to connect with their spirit guides and deceased loved ones, so that they may interact with them face-to-face on their own.

Win a free one on one session with Laura Laforce on Monday October 31 during the Tribe Drive with Rellik, between 2-6pm

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