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International Indigenous Music Summit


Relliks interview with Amanda Rheaume


The International Indigenous Music Summit (IIMS) is the only global event dedicated to creating awareness, sharing resources, and building opportunities for the Indigenous music community.

The International Indigenous Music Summit is the only global event that provides a unique space for Indigenous artists to discuss, exchange, and share and connect with one another, in a culturally sensitive and appropriate space directed at building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between artists and industry professionals.

Participants and collaborators include creators, event organizers, presenters, key knowledge holders from the arts sector, and cultural connectors from many parts of the world.  An elder advisory committee has foundational input on thematic material, organization, and execution.  IIMS embeds international buyers as delegates, selecting cultural connectors within regions that represent particular opportunity for Canadian based Indigenous artists.


Giiwewizh (to carry home), is a special Summit project that will feature 16 Indigenous artists from across “Canada'' in 16 short documentaries, produced by Jennifer Podemski and directed by Sarain Fox.

Each artist will tell a visual story of their work, highlighting perspectives and meditations on connection to land/place, identity, and their creative process. Shot entirely on iPhone 12, the mini documentaries will be edited alongside new live performance footage, and professionally recorded audio. These special works will be premiered collectively at IIMS 2021 during evening showcase slots.

Storytelling is an important part of Indigenous cultures around the world. Narrative sovereignty is at the heart of the Giiwewizh project. Indigenous people continue to advocate for the reclamation of their cultures, voices, and narratives. Giiwewizh celebrates artistic excellence in the Indigenous music community, the invaluable contributions to the mainstream music scene, and the resilience of Indigenous voices .



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