How you can catch the lunar eclipse this weekend

Big news for sky gazers! A total lunar eclipse will be visible over all of Canada this weekend, and we’ve got specifics on when you can see it.

On May 15, and overnight into May 16 (depending on your location in Canada), May’s Flower Moon will be shrouded in darkness as the Earth’s shadow blocks the sun for a total lunar eclipse.

Unlike solar eclipses, the “Blood Moon” lunar eclipse should be visible all across the hemisphere, depending on cloud cover. The eclipse will turn the moon red, hence the monicker “Blood Moon” eclipse.



From start to finish, the total eclipse will last about 84 minutes. You won’t have to set your alarm for it either, as the eclipse begins before midnight in most cities, except for those in the Atlantic provinces. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the best time to view the eclipse is at its peak. In the Eastern time zone, that will be at 12:11 am; in the Pacific time zone, it will be at 9:11 pm.


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