GPPL launches new "Warming Wall" program

The Grande Prairie Public Library (GPPL) is looking to the community for donations of warm winter clothing for its ‘Warming Wall.’

Head of Adult Services at the GPPL Hailey McCullough says the library’s newly launched Warming Wall was started with hopes of helping community members in need this winter.

“Our warming wall is kind of designed to provide warm clothing options for anyone who comes to visit the library, and might just need a coat, scarf, mittens, a hat, or something like that to just stay warm in the very cold temperatures that we sometimes have here in Grande Prairie,” McCullough explained.

She says currently, they do not have a ton of clothing for the Warming Wall and are reaching out to the public for clean and warm winter gear in good condition.

“We try to really offer empathetic programs and services at the library like we have our Little Pantry, which offers food security for residents here in Grande Prairie, and it is just kind of staying in that vein of offering kind services to people who might need a little extra help.”

Donated items for all ages including coats, gloves, mitts, scarves, socks, and hats, can be dropped off at GPPL’s customer service desk.

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