Alberta seeing uptick in COVID-19 cases

Active cases sat at 1,083 in Monday's report, the highest value since June 29th.

Alberta recorded 387 new COVID-19 cases over the last three days, case counts and positivity rates continue to climb.

The province's Monday report covered data from Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Alberta has exceeded 60 new daily cases the last seven straight days after doing so just once during the rest of July. 

Areas located in the Edmonton and Calgary health zones continue to have the highest COVID-19 vaccination rates in the province while 14 out of the 20 areas with the lowest vaccination rates are found in the north health zone. 

As of Monday, more than 75 percent of Albertans have had their first shot and 63.4 percent have had their second dose.

The coming weeks will be important in how COVID will effect the province.



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