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About the song: "Seven Years" is about becoming your true self. David Bowie once said ageing is that "extraordinary process whereby you become the person you always should have been." When I wrote this song I was thinking about how everything seems to go in cycles. Seven years is about the human amount of time it takes to be able to see where you've come from and what's changed. Maybe I read it somewhere, sometime, that even your skin cells eventually all change in the period of seven years. I thought that was a wonderful metaphor for renewal. But it turns out that this is (like so many things that are too neatly packaged) a myth. That's ok, facts change, our understanding of the world changes. Everything we understand can only be held in our current capacity to understand it.

Short Bio: King of Foxes is led by indie-alternative songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist, Olivia Street. Delivered in a voice equal parts fierce and fragile, her lyrics are poetic and evocative, deftly interwoven with seeing-eye hooks and a cogent understanding of songcraft. King of Foxes has released two critically acclaimed albums, with a third full-length slated for release in September 2022. King of Foxes is many things, but accidental is not one of them. Street’s words have purpose and understanding.





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