As a 23-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter and producer, Jimi balances nuanced storytelling, soulful guitar lines, and an intimacy of voice with a musical maturity beyond her years. Inspired by a childhood listening to Fleetwood Mac, Bill Withers, Etta James, and the Eagles’ records, her debut album exhibits a musicality and artistic clarity unparalleled by her contemporaries in the pop world. Listen closely to her latest single, “I Don’t Mind,” and catch its subtle notes: a breath of summer, a rooted bass, a gravitas in her performances of love, of potential. With impeccable attention to production and dynamics inspired by the legends of pop, soul, and R&B, Jimi’s latest work mediates that delicate line between pushing the sonic boundaries of genre and performance and positioning her firmly among the musical greats of Canada's Pop and songwriting worlds.