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Zachary Red


Zachary Red is the musical project created by Marcus Reichenbach, a multi-instrumentalist, recording artist & producer.

Described as an infusion of alternative pop and post-rock, mixed with a hint of emotive nostalgia, Zachary Red single-handedly blends poetic lyricism amongst a complex and versatile array of instrumental melodies that leave listeners energized and full of feeling.


5 minutes with Rellik 


What are your influences as an artist? 
My inspiration comes from everything around me. My friends and family, loved ones close and far, the soft curves of nature to the hard lines of industry. The music I have been listening to lately has been a mix of heavy bands like “Spiritbox” and more emotionally charged music like “Covet”. I have also been listening to some older artists like “Chet Baker” and some nostalgic bands like “American Football”.

How did you start playing music? / How long have you been playing music for? *
I have been playing music for as long as I can remember. My first instrument is the drums, which I started playing in the fourth grade. My first real band was in junior high where we played at a talent show. I learned how play guitar and write songs in the 9th grade and the rest kind of just fell into place.

What is the best advice you have been given as an artist? *
Always practice and work at your craft and disciplines. Continue to stretch your abilities and all that goes along with it will fall into place.