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Basler (Baz-ler)
Habitational name for someone from the city of Basel in Switzerland. from an agent derivative of Middle Low German baseln ‘to behave in a confused manner’, hence a nickname for a scatterbrained person.

Basler is the melding of the styles of Gritty Grunge, Slithering Shred, Glitzy Glam and Psychedelic Pop. Bursting at the seams with pure guitar energy. Arena Anthems and Bitter Ballads make up some of the styles of songs from the band that has been described as “Canadian Guitar Driven Alternative Rock Songs of Love, Life and Laughter.”. If you are a fan of Neil Young, Matt Mays, Matthew Good, Wide Mouth Mason, Big Sugar, Bob Dylan, Big Wreck, Nirvana, The Glorious Sons or The Trews, you are gonna love Basler!
What are your influences as an artist? *

 What / who inspires you, what artists you listen to, etc?

Big Wreck, Soundgarden, Frank Zappa, and Nirvana are artists that influenced me. I listen to jazz, classical, alt rock or anything that seems exciting to me.

How did you start playing music? / How long have you been playing music for? 
I started playing music when I was in grade 1. I have been singing since I can remember.

What is the best advice you have been given as an artist? *
Silence is just as important as the notes.






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